Crawl Space Repair

A Crawl Space is built below the living area of a home. Although it doesn’t have the same depth and height as an actual basement, a crawl space can serve as a much less expensive version. Since a home is built on top of the crawl space, structural instability within the crawl space can mean serious issues for the strength and safety of the home itself. This particular crawl space under an Arizona home is one such case; a bowed ceiling threatened the safety of the crawl space and the home’s living area. The homeowner chose HJ3’s StrongHold™ system for her crawl space repair rather than strengthening the ceiling with heavy and expensive steel beams.

The StrongHold carbon fiber is applied to the crawl space ceiling

The StrongHold carbon fiber is applied to the crawl space ceiling

The bowed ceiling in the crawl space was caused by the installation of a heavy water fountain that was installed on the deck above the crawl space. Wanting to avoid the costly, invasive installation of a steel framing system to include steel I-beams and steel columns, the homeowner chose to use HJ3 StrongHold™ to strengthen the bowed ceiling. By applying HJ3’s pre-cut carbon fiber strips to the underside of the crawl space’s ceiling, the homeowner was able to stop further deflection of the ceiling, while only adding 1/16 of an inch in thickness.

Before the StrongHold™ carbon fiber system could be installed, HJ3 measured and primed the ceiling of the crawl space. After all paint was removed and the ceiling was properly primed, the installer applied the pre-cut carbon fiber strips in evenly spaced sections along the ceiling. The strips were painted after drying, and now match the aesthetics of the existing walls of the crawl space. With HJ3’s StrongHold™ crawl space repair system, it took only one day to provide 30 years of peace of mind for this Arizona homeowner.

The carbon fiber straps provide unparalleled strength.

The carbon fiber straps provide unparalleled strength.


The finished crawl space is fully strengthened and worry-free.










Crawl space issues are often overlooked, but they are some of the most dangerous that your home can endure. If left alone, issues in the crawl space can cause severe structural weakness throughout the rest of the home. In as little as a day, HJ3’s StrongHold™ carbon fiber system can restore strength in bowed crawl space walls and ceilings before it’s too late, for a fraction of the cost of steel reinforcements. If you have a crawl space that needs repair and would like to learn more about HJ3’s carbon fiber systems, contact our project managers today at


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