Causes of Wall Cracks

Cracking walls are an annoyance for any homeowner. Some cracks can be easily spackled and sealed without the need to call in the professionals, but other cracks are a result of a more serious issue, and will therefore require more serious repair efforts.

Cracked Wall Repair

When this homeowner purchased a foreclosed property with a severely cracked wall, he knew he needed something stronger than mere crack filler or mortar to repair it. The ¼”-wide crack went all the way through the block wall, and was likely caused by soil displacement. The homeowner needed structural strengthening, and his research led him to StrongHold. After reviewing the included installation video, he realized that the pre-measured and pre-cut carbon fiber kit would be very easy to install himself. Armed with confidence and The Strongest Name in Carbon Fiber, this homeowner got to work.

How Serious Are Your Wall Cracks?

How Serious Are Your Wall Cracks?

Your home is likely your largest investment. Might as well protect it, right? Many of your home’s most expensive repairs are avoidable or simply less costly if you’re aware of them early enough. So what should you look for? Well, a number of things, honestly. But in many cases, be them oh-so-subtle, your home will tell you when there’s a problem. Wall cracks are a very common symptom of something more serious, so pay very close attention to them, but keep in mind that a few minor cracks in your walls doesn’t mean your house is about to crash down on you. In fact, minor cracking is often just a side-effect of your home’s natural shifting in its first few months of existence. And while this blog will give you some guidelines of what to look for, the best and most accurate way to determine the severity of your cracks is to contact an expert.