Anti-spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy

StrongHold prohibits the use of our website and/or services in any manner associated with the transmission, distribution or delivery of any unsolicited bulk or unsolicited commercial e-mail (“Spam”). You may not use any StrongHold services to send Spam. You also may not deliver Spam or cause Spam to be delivered to any StrongHold customers. reserves the right to determine whether or not an email message is Spam based on our Terms of Use.

We consider the following to be a violation of this policy:
• Falsifying user information, including the falsification of email return addresses
• Sending electronic communications to any contact without their express consent or a provable established business through our service.
• Disguising the nature of any URL or link from our system, or the purpose of any email sent through our service.
• Using any third party’s internet domain name, or be relayed from or through a third party’s equipment, without the permission of the third party
• Contain false or misleading information in the subject line or otherwise contain false or misleading content.


E-Commerce and Legal Disclaimer

The Legal Documents shall supersede any subsequent terms or conditions included with any purchase order, whether or not such terms or conditions are signed by StrongHoldTM or HJ3 Composite Technologies.

StrongHold and HJ3 Composite Technologies reserve the right to change the Legal Documents at any time, effective immediately upon posting to this website. If you violate the Legal Documents, we may terminate your use of this website, and/or take appropriate legal action against you.