Over 20,000 basements repaired with no callbacks

StrongHold™ products will save homeowners like you 60-90% on your residential repairs! The StrongHold™ benefits include light weight, clean technology that provides simple solutions to big problems like: 

Bowed Walls • Cracked Walls • Cracked Floors • Cracked Concrete • Cracked Driveways & Patios  • Cracked Corners  Leaking Pipes  Cracked Concrete Countertops

StrongHold™ Products


“We are very happy with the product and the results. We have been measuring the inward bowing yearly for seven years, and it has stopped moving since applying the product two years ago.”

Brian S.

Home Owner, Bowed Wall Repair Kit

“I definitely recommend StrongHold. It was easy, fast, and very economical.”

Ahmed R.

Home Owner, Cracked Floor Repair Kit

“HJ3’s customer service was excellent! Using StrongHold saved us $7000. It’s an amazing product, relatively inexpensive, and I highly recommend it!”

Anna D.

Home Owner, Bowed Wall Repair Kit

“I would definitely recommend HJ3’s StrongHold system. It was a simple solution to kind of a tough problem.”

Jim G.

Home Owner, Cracked Wall Repair Kit

“It was easier than applying wallpaper. I was able to complete the entire job in less than one day. Thanks to StrongHold, the cracking has not continued and the leaking hasn’t reoccurred.” Tom S, homeowner – Cracked Wall Repair Kit

Tom Shambo

Home Owner, Cracked Wall Repair Kit

“Doesn’t take very long…It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done, repair wise.”

John D.

Home Owner, Bowed Wall Repair Kit