Musty Basement Smell?

Your musty basement smell is likely caused by mold spores. Photo Credit: WiseCracks

Your musty basement smell is likely caused by mold spores. Photo Credit: WiseCracks

What’s Causing Your Musty Basement Smell?

You may have noticed a dank, musty smell coming from your basement. This is a common issue that results from the presence of fungus in your basement. Molds, and especially mildew, produce an earthy, musty smell that is undesirable and unhealthy. A musty odor can be a persistent nuisance, but there are some things you can do to help get rid of the smell.

Eliminating that Musty Basement Smell

To remove the musty smell, you must remove the source of the smell (in this case, mold). Here are a few simple steps to get your basement smelling right again:

  • Find it – Finding the source of your musty basement smell can be difficult. If you cannot see any spots of mold or mildew, you may need to call in a professional cleaning service to help.
  • Remove it – If the mold or mildew is growing on an object, it’s probably best to get rid of it. If that isn’t an option, proceed to the next step.
  • Clean it – Mold and mildew are very strong and durable, so they have to be cleaned correctly to prevent them from returning. The EPA provides a fantastic article about cleaning mold in your house, available here.
  • Ventilate it – To help prevent mold and mildew from recurring, keep your windows open (if you have basement windows), and open your basement doors frequently.
  • Circulate it – Installing ceiling fans is a great way to keep the air in your basement moving. If that isn’t sufficient, adding good, oscillating pedestal fans may also help.
  • Deodorize it – There is a plethora of air freshening and odor removal products available at your local stores or online. Use them to introduce a nice, new smell to your basement environment.
crack repair for musty basement smell

StrongHold’s carbon fiber Cracked Wall Repair Kit is perfect for preventing mold’s return.

Preventing Musty Basement Smells from Returning

Once your musty basement is clean and smelling fresh it’s time to think about keeping it that way. Preventing cracks and keeping your basement plumbing in good condition are the only ways to ensure that it does. Be aware of cracks that occur in your basement walls, and fix them immediately. StrongHold™’s Cracked Wall Repair Kit will fix your cracks and keep moisture out for good.

HJ3 is a leading expert in home basement repair and prevention. Our advanced carbon fiber technology will reinforce your basement walls to prevent cracks and repair leaky pipes. Do it yourself, or request that one of our highly trained certified installers do it for you!

For more information about HJ3’s StrongHold™ strengthening and repair options, or to get in touch with a certified installer, write us today at, or call us at 1-877-303-0453.

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