Underpinning Blamed for Death in Toronto Home Collapse

In September, 2014, a home in Toronto, Canada collapsed, killing one and injuring two others. The home was being remodeled to incorporate a new 2-story addition, but before the addition could be built, the home’s foundation required strengthening. It was during this underpinning procedure that the home collapsed.

Don’t Let Wet Seasons Water-log Your Foundation!

The Fall season is upon us, bringing the changing of tree leaves and cooler weather everywhere (yay!).  But for many parts of the country, Fall also brings moisture, which can be damaging for your foundation.

Let me clarify.  Moisture isn’t bad for your foundation.  In fact, in dry conditions, it’s imperative to make sure your foundation gets enough water.  But what can be damaging for your foundation is the transition from dry seasons to wet ones (and vice versa).