Partial Below-Grade Bowing Wall Repair

A New Jersey neighborhood

A New Jersey neighborhood

BASEMENTS in New Jersey are typically built below or partially below the ground level. In this residence, the partially below-grade basement was surrounded by a sloped lawn that, when saturated with rain water, exerted additional force on the foundation wall. By reinforcing the bowing wall with StrongHold™’s Bowing Wall Repair Kit, the homeowner saved more than 80% compared to wall replacement.

Design Scope

The bowing wall resulted in leaking cracks.

The bowing wall resulted in leaking cracks.


Heavy rains had saturated the ground, causing water to collect at the base of the foundation wall. The pressure of the soil and water was more than the basement wall could withstand and it began to bow. Some cracking occurred as the wall bowed, resulting in minor leaks. The homeowner needed a quick and stable repair solution.



A vacuum helps to rid the wall of dust generated by the mechanical grinder.

A vacuum helps to rid the wall of dust generated by the mechanical grinder.


Bowing Wall Repair

StrongHold’s carbon fiber straps complete the bowing wall repair.


Prior to installing the StrongHold™ Bowing Wall repair system, all paint and loose concrete was removed with a mechanical grinder. The wall was then cleaned with a vacuum and acetone wipe to remove all remaining dust and oils. After priming the wall, StrongHold™’s pre-cut carbon fiber straps were saturated with resin and applied in equally-spaced intervals.



HJ3’s StrongHold™ system completed the bowing wall repair within 2 hours. The homeowner saved more than 65% compared to steel tie-backs and more than 80% compared to total wall replacement. The homeowner has a long-lasting repair that will require no maintenance or additional attention whatsoever for another 20 years at least.

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