Partial Below-Grade Bowing Wall Repair

BASEMENTS in New Jersey are typically built below or partially below the ground level. In this residence, the partially below-grade basement was surrounded by a sloped lawn that, when saturated with rain water, exerted additional force on the foundation wall. By reinforcing the bowing wall with StrongHold™’s Bowing Wall Repair Kit, the homeowner saved more than 80% compared to wall replacement.

Underpinning Blamed for Death in Toronto Home Collapse

In September, 2014, a home in Toronto, Canada collapsed, killing one and injuring two others. The home was being remodeled to incorporate a new 2-story addition, but before the addition could be built, the home’s foundation required strengthening. It was during this underpinning procedure that the home collapsed.

Advantages of Carbon Fiber

Since its introduction into the aerospace industry in the 1950’s, carbon fiber has become a “material of choice” across a wide variety of industries, including automotive, construction, sporting goods, and medical equipment, among many others. Its high versatility and incredible strength provides a solid value in many industrial applications.

Cracked Ceiling Repaired with Carbon Fiber

Cracked Ceiling Repaired with Carbon Fiber

Ceiling cracks aren’t uncommon, especially in older homes with plaster or concrete slab ceilings. Cracked ceilings can be a result of several different factors, including shifting with age, excess moisture from heavy storms, improper roof drainage, and too much weight from the floor above (see my previous blog, Ceiling Cracks: Causes and Remedies for more information). In many cases, cracked ceilings aren’t a reason to worry, but in other cases, they can be an indication of structural instability and will require repair as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

What’s Causing Your Cracked Floor?

You Love Your House. It’s your biggest investment, your comfort zone, your shelter. You’ve decorated it how you want it to look, and you’ve probably shelled out a whole lot of money to make it yours. But now your basement, garage, and other concrete floors are cracked. Should you worry? What’s causing this blatant disrespect to your beloved home? And what can you do about it?